Our portfolio consists of 277 properties in the U.S., Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain. Our facilities consist of 160 general acute care hospitals, 103 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and 14 long-term acute care hospitals. Additionally, we are committed to acquire 11 general acute care hospitals in Australia. Our tenants operate both acute and post-acute hospital facilities providing medical, surgical and rehabilitative care to patients.

We underwrite each hospital individually, making sure that each facility is needed in its respective community and supported by local physicians and health systems; which is the foundation for long-term sustainability.

We are a team of 78 professionals, 69 located in the U.S. and nine in Luxembourg.


We are the world’s preeminent provider of capital to hospitals.

Materially, all of our leases are triple-net or absolute-net leases, which obligate our tenants to pay all property-related expenses. We do not have control over the environmental impacts from these properties.

In some instances, we do provide financing for the construction of new healthcare facilities, but the tenant always bears responsibility for the design, development and any contractor relationships.

Materially, all of our leases and loans require our tenants to indemnify us for environmental liabilities. 

Our Corporate Responsibilities

  • The energy efficiency of the facilities in which we invest
  • Implementing GHG reduction initiatives at the facilities in which we invest

  • Developing renewable energy programs at the facilities in which we invest

  • Certifying the facilities in which we invest to any green building standards

  • Developing and maintaining an environmental policy or management system to guide an environmental protection program

  • Maintaining environmental performance records 

  • Conducting environmental performance audits

  • Driving continual environmental performance improvement at the facilities in which we invest

  • Setting the terms of any contractor engagements, which might include environmental considerations

Therefore, we do not have authority over or responsibility for:

We do have policies to:

  • Conduct due diligence on new and existing tenants, collecting information on their operating and financial performance, property condition, and environmental assessments when warranted

  • Monitor key operating metrics of our tenants including volume and financial measures  

  • Ensure that our transaction documents require our tenants to repair and remediate environmental issues at the applicable facility, and to comply with environmental laws and regulations 

  • Ensure that we evaluate environmental risks associated with all real estate investment transactions; we engage third parties to perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and, to the extent necessary, Phase II Assessments (or equivalent studies outside the U.S.) and other risk mitigating remediation measures 

  • Outline relevant environmental matters in our 10-K filing 

  • Provide excellent professional and personal benefits to our 78 employees

  • Engage with stakeholders to build a better company (e.g., shareholder engagement on governance and pay)

  • Assume that our tenants provide appropriate healthcare to patients without regard to their immigration status, ability to pay, and other factors

Shining Light on the Future

Our operators are shaping the future of health care and we are proud to help them execute their long-term strategies with needed capital. MPT is the second-largest non-governmental owner of hospital beds in the U.S., and our tenants were able to provide high quality care to over two million patients in the U.S. in 2018. 

Steward Healthcare

A Strategic Energy Plan

Steward Healthcare is our biggest single tenant, representing 38% of our portfolio’s total revenue. Steward has developed and implemented a strategic energy plan in order to:

  • Identify improvements to reduce energy use

  • Develop a system-wide approach for campus energy management with partners

  • Reduce costs by decreasing energy utilization

By investing in various building improvements throughout their hospital portfolio (ventilation, plumbing, lighting etc.), Steward has been able to achieve:

  • 17% annual energy savings

  • Over $9.5 million cumulative cost savings — $2.2 million annually

  • Reduced electricity demands by 34 gigawatt-hours which equates to taking 5,500 cars off the road for a year AND by 5.7 million therms of natural gas which equates to the sequestration of carbon dioxide by 1.4 million trees

  • Reduction of 56,284 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which equates to avoiding the emissions needed to power, heat, and cool 6,000 homes for a year

  • Reduced GHG emissions from SHC hospitals and from regional power plants benefit local communities with lower airborne particulates and combustion gases that can exacerbate asthma and respiratory disease. These impacts support the hospitals’ Population Health Impact Programs. This equates to $1.1M in health benefits of, fewer hospital visits, and fewer lost days of work and school

  • Improved indoor air quality for patients, staff and visitors

Prime Healthcare

Creativity Driving Environmental Efficiency

  • MPT is a long-time provider of capital to Prime Healthcare, our second largest tenant representing 16% of our portfolio’s total revenue. Prime Healthcare’s history of rescuing underperforming hospitals has set the standard for quality healthcare that continues throughout the hospital network to this day. Prime Healthcare’s motto is "Saving Hospitals, Saving Jobs, Saving Lives" which the company continues to do as it grows and is supported by MPT

  • Prime Healthcare has been installing combustion-free, solid-oxide fuel cells to take significant portions of Prime’s energy usage off the power grid. It is a technology originally developed for a 2001 NASA mission to Mars

  • Prime Healthcare Services installed its first fuel cell, capable of producing 600-kilowatts of energy, at Chino Valley Medical Center in Chino, California, in April 2014, followed a year later by a 250-kilowatt fuel cell for the data center at Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood, California. Annual savings: $360,000 at Chino and $122,000 at Centinela

  • In 2017, at five California locations, Prime installed five additional fuel cells capable of producing a total of more than two megawatts of power. These five co-generation projects are expected to save nearly $26 million over the length of the 20-year power purchase agreement, with significant greenhouse gas emission cuts

  • This technology is enabling Prime Healthcare to reduce its carbon footprint, lower its electric bills and maintain more control of its energy supply.

Circle Health

Redefining Sustainability

  • Circle Birmingham Hospital, designed to be one of the most functional and efficient hospitals in all of Great Britain, is the second hospital owned by MPT in the UK, and operated by London-based Circle Health

  • Calthorpe Estates, the owner of the land, is transforming the site once occupied by the BBC’s Pebble Mill Studios into a world-class medical campus that will encompass 180 medical organizations, 66 general practitioner (GP) clinics and 23 training facilities, all within walking distance

  • Building on their experience in designing Circle Reading hospital, which recently received a “Building Better Healthcare Award” for patient experience, the architects wanted to “future-proof” the new Birmingham facility so it could be expanded quickly and cost effectively

  • The architects looked at the core design of the building, to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible:
    • Building services were laid out to maximize energy efficiency

    • With all clinical activities located on a single floor, clinical operational efficiencies are enhanced and vertical circulation (via elevators) is minimized

    • Swales will be subtly positioned within the landscape to facilitate sedimentation, filtration and the mitigation of storm water runoff while also providing aesthetic benefits and biodiversity to the site

    • Bourne Brook on the south side of the site, mature trees along Pebble Mill Road and a treasured oak tree — all carefully preserved — form important visual features of the landscape at the new Circle Birmingham hospital

Supported by management and Board oversight, we operate our business with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct, everywhere in the company and every day.

This commitment is reinforced by our Code of Conduct, which confirms our position on fair, ethical and honest business dealings, good governance, and compliance with applicable laws, while demonstrating respect for all human rights and a workplace free from harassment.

We regularly review and update our policies governing ethical conduct and responsible behavior to ensure that we are employing best practices and are set up for continued success.

Ethics and Governance

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines ensure the Company is governed in a manner that serves the interests of its shareholders, colleagues and other stakeholders.

  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct outlines our principles regarding fair, ethical and honest business dealings, full and fair disclosure, and compliance with applicable laws. The Code confirms our policies concerning the prohibition of receiving gifts, bribes, or facilitation payments.

  • Employee Handbook outlines our general employment policies and work rules, including our equal opportunities and harassment policies.

Employees around the world are encouraged to share any ethics or compliance concerns with the Code of Ethics Contact Person. We also have a hotline for the reporting of any ethics concerns.

All reports are addressed promptly and thoroughly by the audit committee and Code of Ethics Contact Person. Anyone who reports violations of the Code is ensured protection against retaliation.

All employees, including management, receive anti-corruption training.

Social Responsibility

We are a growing team that is committed to providing a challenging and dynamic work environment, and to supporting all professional and personal growth and development needs. 

Our hiring process includes having each candidate interview with numerous MPT employees in order to get the best feedback before offering any candidate a position. The company also retains the services of an experienced outside industrial psychologist to ensure a strong fit for both the company and the candidate. This has resulted in an excellent team that works well together.

New team members are immediately involved in major projects for the company — participating in regular conference calls with tenants, going on site visits as each new property is underwritten individually, or working on presentations for investors and industry trade shows (to cite just a few examples). And new team members’ opinions carry weight in the decision-making process. The result is a fast track to significant healthcare experience, which is the foundation of the company’s expertise.

Our industrial psychologist also works with each employee’s supervisor to tailor individual professional development goals, an important step that has been well received by each team member. Goals and achievements are assessed in performance reviews (and at other times, as needed) with bonuses awarded based on corporate results and individual contributions to those results. 

We provide customized leadership training for employees who are moving into management roles, and we offer periodic training and continuing education courses on health care topics. We provide accounting and legal education and training for relevant roles, and we invest in the continuing education necessary for maintaining professional licenses and certifications.

MPT’s Charity Committee is just one way the Company demonstrates its commitment to corporate citizenship and the communities it serves. By practicing corporate social responsibility, MPT is very conscious of the kind of impact it has on all aspects of society including economic, social and environmental. Through philanthropy and volunteer efforts, supporting over 160 non-profit agencies and organizations, MPT gives back to society.

Compensation and Benefits

Medical Properties Trust also offers a competitive benefits package and equal employment opportunities designed to help recruit and retain high-quality employees, and to keep them healthy and secure.

Employees in our Birmingham office (83% of total employees) also have access to a new, first-class onsite fitness facility, weekly yoga classes on-site, and relaxation rooms.

Diversity and Inclusion

Medical Properties Trust is an equal employment opportunity employer. MPT hires, promotes, and takes all personnel actions without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, military service or genetic information. 

We prohibit any form of harassment of employees.

Our equal opportunity and anti-harassment policies are described in our Employee Handbook, which must be signed off by every new employee, and by all employees following any updates.  

We provide annual training on our anti-harassment policies, as laid out in the Employee Handbook.

  • 45% of all MPT employees report to a female manager or director

  • 43% of all MPT employees are female
  • Top-of-the-line insurance coverages including Health, Secondary Health, Dental, Vision, and Life — individual coverage at no cost to employees

  • 401(k) Plan with employer matching

  • Stock Awards

  • Monthly Fitness Allowance for employees with gym memberships and/or training programs

  • Reimbursement for concierge physician 

  • Employee Assistance Program at no cost to employee

  • Open, collaborative workspaces

  • Personnel development with manager to plan trainings and conferences, including off-site corporate retreats

  • Additional Paid Time Off day annually for charitable work

The plan will now grow to bring on additional properties, and pursue future technologies and other creative partnerships, including solar net metering agreements, on-site solar arrays, and possible CHP co-generation or fuel cell technology.

We are the world’s preeminent provider of capital to hospitals.







Our exclusive focus on investing in hospital real estate distinguishes us from any other real estate investment trust. We believe in making a positive difference in both local communities and the world. We care most about people — patients, employees and the members of our communities. Nothing is more important to us than people.

General Acute Care Hospitals*
Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals
Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

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*We are committed to acquire 11 General Acute Care hospitals in Australia in the near future.

Giving Back

Want more information about MPT’s Social Responsibility and the ways we give back to our communities?

Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (NYSE : MPW)

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Racing to beat childhood cancer: Medical Properties Trust serves as presenting sponsor of “Racing for Children’s” to support cancer research at Children’s of Alabama. Logos of both organizations appear on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car in the GT3 Cup Challenge USA series along with handprints of young cancer patients being treated at Children’s. (racingforchildrens.org)

Mountain Vista Medical Center, Steward’s 178-bed general acute care hospital in Mesa, Arizona.

Solar panels above employees’ parking lot at Desert Valley Hospital, Prime’s 148-bed general acute care hospital in Victorville, California.

Groundbreaking for construction of Circle Birmingham, Circle’s 140-bed general acute care hospital and inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Birmingham, England.


Employee benefits provided by the Company include: